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Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and member of the OTSTCFQ, since 1999, I have serviced the population of Dorval, Lachine and LaSalle for more than 17 years. From 1999 to 2010, I worked at the psychosocial intake department of the CLSC LaSalle, where I evaluated and intervened with individuals in crisis who where confronted with multiple social problems. In 2010, I obtained a position at the adult mental health department of the CLSC Dorval-Lachine. Since then, I’ve been offering counselling services to individuals suffering from a mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder and to those facing conflictual interpersonal relationships or trying moments, such as separation, bereavement, infidelity, physical or mental illness in the family, domestic violence, alcohol, and drug addictions. Finally, since 2014, I offer group intervention for individuals wanting to improve their communication skills, interpersonal relationships and who wish to better cope with intense emotions, such as anger.

What does a social worker do, exactly? She evaluates the individual’s social functioning by studying his interactions with his environment. In other words, she analyses complex social situations and elaborates help plans or interventions plans accordingly. She helps and supports individuals who face difficult social realities and guides them into finding appropriate solutions to better their quality of life. We can find social workers in hospitals, senior’s homes, schools, rehabilitation centers, community organisations, business, and companies and in private practice.

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